Membership benefits for institutions

We believe that a good teacher and a motivated class are the best prerequisites for learning. If you are a teacher working in a school or university, you are welcome to use our C/C++ E-learning Platform within the C++ Institute Authorized Academy program free of charge. A great tool, with every element of modern teaching.

Our mission is to support the C/C++ programming languages and the C/C++ community. This e-learning is not only free for schools and educators. You will also be able to provide discount vouchers to your students (and teachers) for every C/C++ certification exam taken at Pearson VUE.

As soon as your institution has been verified and accepted into the Academy Program, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Free instructor-use vouchers for the CLA and CPA exams at a Pearson VUE Test Center. Every other voucher for your Academy Instructors at a 70% discount.
  • Full access to the C/C++ Education Portal with a Manager Account. In this way you will be able to fully utilize the tools available to you and your students. This includes access to courseware, virtual classes, grade books, test assessments and much more.
  • Special exam voucher prices for your students.
  • Marketing resources.
  • Academy certificates.

Courseware and the e-learning tool


We know that you enjoy teaching as much as we do! Teaching programming is special, as you are generating the most productive and most innovative employees and entrepreneurs ever. This means working with great people, motivating them and watching their development. Only a teacher can understand truly that.

With that in mind, we have created the tools to help you achieve your goals and makes your work even more satisfying. We have prepared learning material that seamlessly combines with the slides – which has a great impact on the development of students’ skills and knowledge. You will literally use the same material in your class as your students will use to prepare for the next lesson.

You know it’s important that students work at home as well as in the class. You want them to read the material from today’s class to be prepared for the next class. Imagine telling them that all they’re required to do is take the chapter assessment. Moreover, they don’t even need to get a good score – the only requirement for them is to take it (before the next class).

You could add that if their score is low (below 50%-60%), that means they obviously did not understand the chapter – so you can encourage (not force) them to take it again.

What happens when you do that? The student has no reason to cheat – which is very important if he or she takes the chapter assessment at home.

The student will read the course materials before, or even during, the assessment – and that is our goal. The whole purpose of chapter assessments is to get the student to read.

They know that the higher the score, obviously the better it is for them, and if they know you can reactivate the assessment, they will probably ask you to do that sometimes.



The easy student interface reflects our mission – nothing but learning is important. No additional windows, no commercials, nothing that can disturb learning – just two buttons: “Learn” (Course Materials) and “Assess your knowledge” (Take Assessment). That is all they need.

The axis (the Success Indicator) is the easiest way to show that learning is a process with a beginning, milestones, final preparation, a reward and a certificate.

When the student has taken all of the chapter assessments, practice assessment and final grade assessment with a minimum 70%, the Request Voucher icon is actived. This is the reward.

A voucher with a considerable discount against the exam fee at a Pearson VUE Testing Center. Please bear in mind that only a certificate gained at one of these 5000 Testing Centers is recognised worldwide. An employer knows the certificate holder’s set of skills and Pearson VUE guarantees undisputed quality and security of the exam.

For every student, an element of gamification is important. In each chapter assessment (the milestone), the student can earn up to 3 stars (no stars  = just a pass; at this point you should encourage – not force – the student to take the assessment again | 1 star = the student has scored between 60% and 69% | 2 stars = the student has scored between 70% and 79% | 3 stars = the student has scored 80% or higher.

0stars3 1stars3 2stars3 3stars3

To engage the student, encourage them to share their successes and promote C/C++ on Facebook or other social media websites. When they make their learning progress public, then their friends should keep them motivated and they are more likely to be successful. You have to prove that your institution is solid and credible to become a C++ Institute Authorized Academy.

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