CPP – C++ Certified Professional Programmer

A test candidate should demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the C++ template mechanism, reading and understanding definitions of template functions and classes, using property template classes and methods including third party templates, creating template functions and classes, C++ STL library including the IO part, and solving common programming problems with STL predefined classes and methods.

CPP Exam: Outline

♦ Templates;
♦ STL Sequential containers;
♦ STL Associative containers;
♦ Non-modifying STL algorithms;
♦ Modifying STL algorithms;
♦ Sorting STL operations;
♦ STL merge operations;
♦ STL utilities and functional library;
♦ STL Advanced I/O.

CPP Exam: Objectives

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About the CPP exam objectives

C++ Institute is committed to maintaining the high quality of the certification program as one of its key priorities. The CPP exam objectives have been designed in such a way as to correspond with professional standards, admission requirements and C++ graduate programs offered by schools and universities.

C++ Institute welcomes all educational entities interested in receiving assistance in planning, developing, implementing and delivering an effective C++ language curriculum, as well as transferring credit for C++ classes for those students who hold CPP certificates issued by C++ Institute.