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C++ Institute Certifications Roadmap

Our Certifications

CLE – C Certified Entry-Level Programmer

CPE – C++ Certified Entry-Level Programmer

CLA – C Certified Associate  Programmer 

CPA – C++ Certified Associate Programmer

CLP – C Certified Professional Programmer

CPP – C++ Certified Professional Programmer

Our Courses

C Essentials 1

C 101 (CE1)


Aligned with CLE-10-01 & CLA-11-02

C Essentials 2

C 102 (CE2)


Aligned with CLA-11-02

C++ Essentials 1

C++ 101 (CPPE1)


Aligned with CPE-20-01 & CPA-21-02

C++ Essentials 1

C++ 102 (CPPE2)


Aligned with CPA-21-02

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