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Support for OpenEDG Python Institute Testing Centers and Education Partners

North America & LATAM:

EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa):

Support for OpenEDG Python Institute Test Candidates

TestNow™ (Global CLE and CPE exams):

  • Phone: +49 (333) 3350-9809 – Monday-Friday, Central European Time Zone, Office Hours: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (closed on holidays)
  • Email: Contact Us
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Pearson VUE (Global CLA, CLP, CPA and CPP exams):

  • Phone:
    • Americas: 888-742-4115 (Toll-free)
    • Asia-Pacific (general): +852-3077-4923
    • Australia: 1800-023-095
    • China (Mainland): 4001-200832
    • India: 0008004401837
    • Japan: 0120-355-173
    • South Korea: 0807-600-880
    • Europe, Middle-East, Africa (general): +44-161-855-7455
    • France: 0800-909153
    • Germany: 0800-1810696
    • Ireland: 1-800-552131
    • Israel: 1-80-9453797
    • Spain: 900-993190
    • UK: 0800-7319905
  • Email form: Contact Pearson VUE
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Accommodation of disabilities

OpenEDG will endeavor to accommodate any special requirements. Candidates must submit their accommodations requests to OpenEDG who will then notify them about the decision, and inform Pearson VUE upon approval (CLA, CLP, CPA and CPP exams). Test accommodations are individualized and considered on a case-by-case basis.

   Accommodation Request Form   

Exam Feedback and Appeals

OpenEDG exams are rigorously designed and tested to ensure that they are error-free and that the score a candidate receives is fair and accurate. If, however, you feel that your exam score is incorrect, you may register an appeal by filling out the Exam Appeal Submission Form we've provided for your convenience.

Exam Feedback and Appeals Form