C++ Institute Partners

The C++ Institute welcomes partnerships with all educational establishments, training organizations and certification solution providers interested in providing IT professionals and programmers with the skills necessary to excel in the field of C/C++ programming and related technologies.

The C++ Institute cooperates with its partners as follows:

  • C++ Institute Authorized Partners (CPIAP) – Regional Solution Providers
  • C++ Institute Authorized Academy Partners – Training Partners
  • C++ Institute Strategic and Education Partners

Meet our Regional Solution Providers

Meet our authorized training partners

Meet our strategic and education partners

C++ Institute Authorized Partner Program (CPIAP)

Partnership with the C++ Institute through the CPIAP program gives the associated entities a number of operational benefits and provides them with great financial opportunities. Each C++ Institute Authorized Partner can sell and distribute C/C++ exam vouchers within their territory of operation and benefit from significant discounts on C++ Institute exams. In this way, partners are not only offered revenue generation opportunities, but they are also provided with marketing, sales and operational support.

The key purpose of the CPIAP program is to cooperate closely with the partners in order to raise awareness of the activities performed by the C++ Institute community, increase its impact worldwide and provide its learning solutions, and at the same time improve customer satisfaction, promote C/C++ certification standards and increase partners’ revenues.

If you are interested in becoming a C++ Institute Authorized Partner you are welcome to send your queries and submit an application to partners@cppinstitute.org.

C++ Institute Authorized Academy Partners

The C++ Institute Authorized Academy is a free program offered to schools, universities and other educational establishments and training organizations. The C++ Institute Authorized Academy is an educational program and a modern didactic tool designed to improve students’ learning experiences and boost their engagement in the process of learning and developing C/C++ skills. It is also a great tool for teachers to improve their didactic efficiency as well as enhance the didactic content in a teaching/learning environment.

C++ Institute Authorized Academies are entitled to vouchers offering considerable discounts on C and C++ exams at Pearson Vue, which allows them to give their students an opportunity to take the C/C++ high-stakes exams under favourable conditions.

All schools, universities, educational establishments and training organizations interested in becoming C++ Institute Authorized Academies are welcome to send their queries and submit applications to academy@cppinstitute.org. The C++ Institute also welcomes all educational entities interested in receiving assistance in planning, developing, implementing and delivering an effective C/C++ curriculum as well as those transferring credit for C/C++ classes for students who hold certificates issued by the C++ Institute.

C++ Institute Strategic and Education Partners

The C++ Institute partners with companies, associations and research institutions to offer high-quality C/C++ training and certification solutions and to promote, develop and support professional careers in C/C++ programming and related technologies.