The C++ Institute is a non-profit project run by the Open Education and Development Group (OpenEDG), and established to promote the C/C++ programming languages, provide a global framework for C/C++ examinations as well as enhance, develop and support professional careers in C/C++ programming and related technologies.
Our mission: To promote the C/C++ programming languages, provide a global framework for C/C++ examinations as well as enhance, develop and support professional careers in C/C++ programming and related technologies.

The C++ Institute is an international project launched in 2011 under the auspices of Fundacja IT, a non-profit organization whose primary activity revolves around supporting initiatives that promote the idea of building a modern, educated and digital society.

The C++ Institute brings together a committed community of IT professionals, programming specialists, programming enthusiasts, education establishments, training organizations, companies and volunteers who strive for quality development, assessment excellence and the popularization of programming in the C and C++ languages.

The C++ Institute is recognized as the world’s leading organization offering a high-stakes C/C++ certification programme, allowing candidates to test at thousands of accessible and secure testing centres worldwide.

One of the primary goals of the C++ Institute is to set the standard of skills as well as provide development opportunities for individuals who wish to pursue a career in C/C++ programming.

The C++ Institute has defined global certification paths for the C and C++ programming languages and has developed an international C/C++ examination standard.

Candidates can take a number of certification exams of various competency levels (Associate, Professional and Senior) at over 5,000 Pearson VUE® Authorised Test Centres and Pearson VUE® Authorised Test Centre Selects at a time and location convenient to them.

The C++ Institute’s role is to help C/C++ programmers from all over the world to expand their programming knowledge and help them gain recognition for their programming skills.

The C++ Institute is run from its main headquarters in the beautiful city of Szczecin, Poland, close to the German border. This is also where the initiative started.

The project was launched in 2011. The first work on the C/C++ e-learning system started in 2009, while the idea came much earlier.

In 2012, the C++ Institute entered into an agreement for test delivery with Pearson VUE, the world leader in computer-based testing. The new certification programme was designed to address the IT industry’s immediate need for C/C++ programmers.

In 2011, an intuitive and easy-to-use e-learning platform was created. This is where students can, free of charge, do a number of self-enroll courses to develop their C/C++ programming skills and prepare for C/C++ certification exams at Pearson Vue Test Centres.

In 2012, the Academy Program was launched – a free program that provides a didactic tool that schools, universities, and training organizations can use to teach C and C++ to their students and to test candidates.

Last but not least, the C++ Institute helps companies recruit those C and C++ developers who possess the right skills to do their jobs. Through a special Assessment Solutions program it recommends only those candidates who meet the specific needs of a given company or business.


Christopher Boguslawski, President at the C++ Institute:
“We’re very excited to offer the programme to skilled professionals. Working with Pearson VUE to ensure global exam delivery means that programmers around the world can improve their careers and lives through relevant certification. A reward at the end of an educational process is very important in any field. An integral part, and the driving force of the programme, is a discount voucher of up to 70% which can be used against the exam fee. This is a reward for each successful course taker.”


Matthew Poyiadgi, Vice President EMEA at Pearson VUE:
“The IT industry continues to lead the way in harnessing the many benefits of computer-based testing and certification. The C++ Institute’s decision to launch this certification programme demonstrates its commitment to driving the industry forward with the provision of talented, certified professionals.”