CLA course description

cla_picThe CLA course prepares students for the CLA (C Programming Language Certified Associate) exam at Pearson VUE.

It covers the basics of programming in the C programming language and touches on fundamental programming techniques, customs and vocabulary, including the most common library functions and the usage of the pre-processor.

The aim of the course is to familiarize the student with the basic concepts of computer programming and developer tools, present the syntax, semantics and data types offered by the language, and allow the student to write his or her own programs using standard language infrastructure, regardless of the hardware or software platform.


Curriculum and structure

The CLA Course is broken down into 9 chapters:

  • Chapter 0: explains step by step the process of installing and using the programming environment.
  • Chapter 1: introduces common computer programming concepts, e.g. integers and variables.
  • Chapter 2: introduces the concepts of data types and flow control.
  • Chapter 3: further discusses the concepts of flow control, introducing more data types and logic in computer science.
  • Chapter 4: touches on the subject of aggregating data into arrays.
  • Chapter 5: explains the differences between arrays and structures.
  • Chapter 6: introduces the subject of functions.
  • Chapter 7: discusses files and streams.
  • Chapter 8: elaborates on the subject of the pre-processor and declarations.

Once you have signed up for the course, you will have 1 week to study each chapter. Once a week you will also have the chance to check you knowledge through an hour-long weekly assessment.

The course has 10 weekly assessments:

  • Chapter test 0/1: checks how well you have understood the introductory material (10 questions).
  • Chapter tests 2-8: check how well you have mastered the material discussed in chapters 2 through 8 (20 questions each).
  • Mock test: checks whether you are ready for the final test (40 questions).
  • Final test: checks whether you are ready for the certification exam at Pearson VUE (50 questions). A score of 70% or more gets you a 50% discount voucher on your exam!

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