CPP course description

The CPP course prepares students for the CPP (C++ Certified Professional Programmer) exam at Pearson VUE.

The CPP course familiarizes students with C++ advanced topics like templates and Standard Template Library. The main learning objectives are: gain a knowledge of the C++ template mechanism; develop the ability to read and understand the definitions of template functions and classes; develop the ability to use property template classes and methods, including third party templates; learn how to create template functions and classes; gather a good knowledge of the C++ STL library, including the IO part; and develop the ability to solve common programming problems with STL predefined classes and methods.

Curriculum and structure

The CPP Course is broken down into 9 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: STL Sequential containers
  • Chapter 2: Associative STL containers
  • Chapter 3: Non-modifying operations
  • Chapter 4: Modifying STL algorithms (operations)
  • Chapter 5: Sorting STL algorithms
  • Chapter 6: Merging STL algorithms
  • Chapter 7: Utilities and functional tools
  • Chapter 8: Advanced input and output
  • Chapter 9: Templates

Once you have signed up for the course, you will have 1 week to study each chapter. Once a week you will also have the chance to check you knowledge through an hour-long weekly assessment.

The course has 10 weekly assessments:

  • Chapter test 1: checks how well you have understood the introductory material (20 questions).
  • Chapter tests 2-9: check how well you have mastered the material discussed in chapters 2 through 9 (20 questions each).
  • Mock test: checks whether you are ready for the final test (approx. 40-50 questions).
  • Final test: checks whether you are ready for the certification exam at Pearson VUE (50 questions). A score of 70% or more gets you a 50% discount voucher on your exam!

Prerequisites: The Student should have a good knowledge of the C++ language, including inheritance and operator overloading. The student must complete the C++ language course at the associate level (CPA) prior to signing up for the CPP course.

The course will be available in the list of self-study courses when the student has completed the CPA course and passed the CPA exam at a Pearson VUE test center (the course will be unlocked within 7 days of passing the CPA exam at a Pearson VUE Testing Center).